April 6, 2018

The time for exterior painting is still approximately two months away. Why not prepare for our whopping three whole months of summer by familiarizing yourself with the steps required to re-stain your deck! I mean, what else is there to do with that time?

One of the number one issues homeowners are plagued with is the staining and maintenance of their deck.  Decks take an abundance of abuse in only a single season – and here in Thunder Bay, we have like 8 seasons!  Winter, mid winter, winter almost gone, summer sneaks in, slap-you-in-the-face winter, summer, autumn and more winter.  The expansion and contraction of exterior wood in Thunder Bay is comparable to well-used trampoline.  But they aren’t the only thing that contribute to the failure of most deck coatings.  Moisture also plays a HUGE factor – yet it still isn’t the main reason for failure.

The number one, numero uno, absolute, primo, captain, champion reason that deck coatings fail is the LACK OF PREP! At Superior Coatings, we hear the moans of displeasure when a customer focuses their hearing on the first piece of information we give them, “First, you need to sand your entire deck.”  I mean, who can blame them?!  Who wants to spend eight or more hours sanding a deck when you can be sipping margaritas sooner if you just skip a few steps?  VOILA!  coating failure.

Keep in mind that every manufacturer has their own instructions for preparing your deck.  If you want to be able to claim warranty at any point, it’s better to follow their steps to the letter – which includes using all of their prep products and topcoat.  We have taken the time to become one of the leading professionals in deck prep, staining / painting and maintenance so that we can help you to the utmost level of professionalism possible.  The steps we relay are our chosen methods of preparation and may not directly reflect the wishes of a specific manufacturer.  However, our preferred methodology does match that of The Sansin Corporation.

Sansin released a how-to video that actually perfectly lays out our recommended preparation methods.  Have a peek at the video and contact us with any further questions you may have.  If you want to contact the store, you can phone us at 807-345-4511 or you can email us at info@superiorcoatings.ca.